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Andreas Švarc (Schwarz), in demand for already many years, is a pianist who unites classical music, Jazz and Folk in his songs.

His musical worlds invite to dreaming and relaxation, as well as uniting different musical cultures.

Andreas Švarc is a cosmopolitan who lives out his passion through his great compositions.

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References for Events:

Hotel Bellvedere, Davos; Hotel Seehof, Davos

Hotel J. J. Rousseau, La Neuveville; Hotel Kulm, Arosa

Hotel Palace, Luzern; Hotel Vitznauerhof, Vitznau; Hotel Säntispark, Abtwill; Hotel Schweizerhof BE; Hotel Beatus, Merlingen; Schloss Schliern, BE; Grand Casino, Baden, Hotel Sax Disentis; Wirtschaft & Kaderschule Bern (WKS)

Kulturtage, Uetendorf; Halbinsel Au, ZH BLS, Thun Berner Oberland; Victoria Lauberhorn Wengen, Nüssli Events

Mercedes-Benz BE Wankdorf; Stahl-Grossman Hamburg

Expo 02; BernMobile; Kyphon Neuchatel; Uhrenmesse Basel

Internationale Museumstage, Oftringen

Piano lessons

Krompholz Musikschule, Bern

Lüscher Musik, Oftringen

Musikschule, Gemeinde Oftringen